CADD NEST (P) Ltd., - Solidworks



introduction to solidworks

learning about sketch  terms, editing and modifying sketch and entities

adding geometric relations to the  sketcher 

Dimensioning the sketch And advanced dimensioning techniques

creating the the base features

Display modes of the model

 Creating Reference geometries

 advanced modelling tools

  Editing features of the model

 party with the design table and Library  features

 assembly modelling

 creating bottom up assemblies, creating top down assemblies

Manipulating the components in assemblies

Using advanced and mechanical mates

Creating, editing and dissolving sub-assemblies

 working with drafting environment

 generating standard drawing views

 generating derived  views

 working with interactive drafting in solidworks

 editing and modifying drawing views

 adding annotation ,BOM And balloons

 introduction to sheet metal design

 creating the base flange  and order type  of flanges

 Understanding the types  of  Bends

 creating cuts in  sheet metal components

 using flat patterns

 introduction to surface modelling

 creating  surfaces,  modifying and editing the surfaces

 creating a thicken  surface, creating a surface cut.