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AutoCAD 2D & 3D (Mechanical CADD)

AutoCAD( Mechanical)


 Introduction To Autocad

 Units And Limits( Coordinate System)

 Types Of Coordinate System With Example

 Draw Toolbars 

 Function Keys And Drafting Settings

 Modify Toolbar

 Creating Single Line And Multiline Text

 Creating And Inserting Blocks

 Area, Measure, Divide& P E Commands


 Dimension  Styles

 Introduction To Types Of Projections And Sections

 Drawing Isometric Sketches

 Leaders And Multileaders

 Multi Line And Multi Line Styles

 Creating Attributes

 Creating Table And Data Extraction

 Creating Layouts, Viewpoints

 External Reference, Import And Export Options

 Scripts, Sheet Set Manager

 Introduction To  Gd&T

 C U I, Creating Shortcut Keys

 Introduction To 3d Modelling

 Using Solid Primitives

 Modelling Toolbar

 Solid Editing Toolbar

 Sectioning And Assembly

 3d Operations

 Creating And Modelling, Surface Modelling

 Applying Textures And Rendering Of 3d Parts